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No Residue Carpet Cleaning

What is “No-Residue” Carpet Cleaning?

You may have heard the concern that getting your carpet cleaned will result in carpet that just gets dirty faster. So is this a legitimate concern? If your carpet cleaning company leaves residue in your carpet after cleaning, this is a very legitimate concern. Herman’s Carpet Cleaning uses a process that is designed to leave your carpet clean and fresh, without a residue. It’s important to choose carefully who you have clean your carpet based on what method they are using, the quality of their equipment, and the quality of their cleaning solutions.

Carpet Cleaning Method
Carpet manufacturers all recommend hot water extraction as the preferred method for having your carpet cleaned because other methods of cleaning do not sufficiently remove residue from your carpet. Carpet cleaners that use dry/bonnet methods of cleaning put cleaning solutions in your carpet, scrub some stains out, but leave much of the soil and cleaning solution behind. Hot water extraction uses powerful suction to extract soil and cleaning solution out of your carpet, leaving it fresh, clean, and residue-free. Herman’s Carpet Cleaning provides high-quality hot water extraction cleaning that keeps your carpet warranty valid and keeps your carpet healthy, clean, and looking great!

Quality of Equipment
Many carpet cleaners use cheap equipment. Why does this matter? Cheap equipment doesn’t clean as well, but it also won’t be able to extract as much soil and cleaning solution as high-quality, powerful equipment. If a carpet cleaner doesn’t have good enough equipment to thoroughly flush your carpet clean after cleaning, it isn’t much better than dry/bonnet methods of carpet cleaning. Herman’s Carpet Cleaning uses top-end equipment that gets your carpet thoroughly clean and efficiently removes soil and cleaning residue.

Quality Cleaning Solution
No matter how powerful the carpet cleaning equipment is, it’s impossible for any carpet cleaner to remove 100% of the cleaning solution from your carpet. This is why it’s so important to use high quality cleaning solutions. Herman’s Carpet Cleaning uses a cleaning solution that is specially formulated from natural ingredients and dries without leaving a sticky residue. Cheap cleaners may be harsh and damaging to carpet fibers and can leave a residue behind when dry. This residue sticks to carpet fibers and attracts soil, resulting in rapid re-soiling. Below, you can see 3 glasses that were filled with cleaning solutions. The glass on the left was filled with Herman’s Carpet Cleaning’s cleaning solution. The other two are filled with competitor solutions. You can see that the cleaning solution from Herman’s Carpet Cleaning dried with far less residue than the other two. It’s important to note that the solution would usually be extracted and rinsed first, so even less residue would be left behind than pictured below.

Carpet Cleaning Residue

Herman’s Carpet Cleaning uses high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions to provide the recommended method of cleaning for your carpet. Our process gets your carpet thoroughly clean without leaving a residue. So the next time you worry about your carpet getting dirty faster after it is cleaned, relax, and just make sure you call Herman’s Carpet Cleaning.