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Why Use Carpet Protector?

When you purchase new carpet it has protective properties that keep stains from setting in as quickly or deeply. Over time these protective properties begin to fade. Most stain resistant carpet has two types of stain protection. first, an acid dye blocker is a clear dye that penetrates open dye sites in the carpet to keep stains from getting deep into the carpet fiber. Second, a topical protection (Scotchguard) is applied to carpet fibers to help resist stains and protect from premature wear and tear.

The outer carpet protector keeps stains from ever getting to the acid dye blockers that protect the open dye sites in your carpet. It also protects against the scratching and abrasion that occur when dust and other foreign material collect in your carpet and are then walked on. Without the carpet protector, the carpet fibers become scratched and begin to dull and fade, causing unsightly patterns to appear in the walkways of your home.

Over time, traffic on your carpet will wear away the protective coating that keeps your carpet looking like new and protects from stains. We recommend having carpet protector applied at least every other cleaning to ensure that your carpet fibers are protected from stains and premature wear. Proactively preventing damage to your carpet before it appears will extend the life of your carpet and keep it looking great for many years.