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There are a lot of carpet cleaning Triangle companies out there. So why should you choose Herman’s Carpet Cleaning to take care of your carpet cleaning needs? Below are some of the reasons we suggest you give Herman’s Carpet Cleaning a try.

No-Residue Cleaning
Herman’s Carpet Cleaning uses cleaning solutions and a cleaning process that is specially designed to get your carpet thoroughly clean without leaving a sticky residue. Our process gets your carpet cleaner and keeps it cleaner longer.

Natural Cleaning
Herman’s Carpet Cleaning uses cleaning solutions that are safe for you and your carpet instead of the harsh chemicals that many cleaners use.

Thorough Cleaning
We only use the highest quality equipment and cleaning solutions that allows us to get your carpet deep-down, thoroughly clean and remove stains more effectively than low quality carpet cleaners. We move furniture to get your carpet clean all over and not just the areas you can see. We also test your carpet fiber type prior to each cleaning to ensure we use the optimal cleaning process for your specific carpet.

Careful Cleaning
At Herman’s Carpet Cleaning we are very serious about taking care of your home. We always clean our equipment thoroughly before every appointment and use shoe covers and wall guards to protect your home while we clean. We also use fans while we clean to ensure that your carpet dries as quickly as possible after the cleaning.

Economical Cleaning
We never charge additional fees for removing stains and we do not use hard upsells to squeeze more money out of you. We believe in providing a quality carpet cleaning in the Triangle at a great price.